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Bugatti for 4 million dollars gathering dust in garage

Classic car "Bugatti", almost half a century in dust in the North of England would soon be sold. And price, experts believe, may reach 3 million pounds ($4,35 million).
Auto - Type 57S Atalante release 1937, was discovered in a garage doctor Harold Carr, a former army surgeon from Newcastle. This man, who was noted during the life of a tendency preference for solitude, bequeathed to the relatives of the contents of his garage. In it, besides Bugatti stood still and classic Aston Martin and Jaguar E-type.

Soon - in February - Type 57S Atalante (it is believed that such was constructed only 17 copies) exhibited in Paris at the auction, which will hold English auction house Bonhams.

Found a treasure nephew of Dr. Carr, an engineer from Newcastle. "We just could not believe it," he says. - Of course, we are excited and we're going to divide the money between family members. What a wonderful inheritance!"

Initially, two-seater sports "Bugatti" belonged to count Howie, the first President of the British racing drivers' club: machine was delivered to them immediately after Assembly and was held for eight years.

Then count Howie sold out and the car a couple of times passed from hand to hand, until in 1955, Dr. Carr not bought it from the Lord Ridley, petty nobleman from the County of Northumberland. After that, for several years he travelled on "Bugatti", and in 1960 put it in the garage and not touch it until his death. The mileage driven is surprisingly small: 26 thousand miles (42 thousand kilometers).

"I knew about this "Bugatti" for a number of years and, like other dedicated't dare anyone to disclose his whereabouts," says James knight, head of international automobile branch of the house Bonhams. Is, without doubt, one of the great discoveries, which are sometimes made in the barns".

"Atalante incredibly original and, although in need of restoration, it will be a restoration in the best sense of the word, - adds the expert. - As a result of the new owner, who will be very narrow, a selected number of owners, will get a truly gracious project - to play such an integral role in the return to life of this wonderful vehicle."

"Bugatti" 57S is one of those cars, which passionately seeking collectors: at least four of them owns the national automobile Museum in the French city of Mulhouse; the rest are in private hands.
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