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A large part of the car brands there are not more than a century. However, there are exceptions in the automotive industry - a company is a Bugatti, the history of which could sad end in 1932 due to financial problems. Then Bugatti was staged a clinical death, but in the course of the history of the company intervened in case, due to which in our time, the whole world knows about the manufacturer powerful sports cars.

It all began in 1908 in Germany. A talented artist and engineer, and later a successful industrialist - Ettore Bugatti (Ettore Bugatti) creates his first car. It is Bugatti Type 10, the appearance of which was very similar on Coupe des Voiturettes Isotta Fraschini 1908.
Ettore Bugatti
The first car designed and collected in the basement of the house Bugatti, in Cologne. The car was installed in-line 4-cylinder eight valve engine with a volume of 1,131 CC Car was far from perfect, but the chassis Type 10 was recognized as successful. Subsequently it was used in the development of other models Bugatti.
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